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Safety First


In order for all of us to stay safe, we need to ask you to follow these simple guidelines when dining with us.

Wear a maskWEAR A MASK: Unless you are seated at your table, please wear your mask. When getting up to use the restroom and on your way in and out of the restaurant, please wear your mask. Don’t have a mask? We can give you one.

MenusMENUS: We have a digital menu for you to pull up on your phone, but if you prefer to hold one in your hand, we have sanitized or single-use menus available.

Make a reservationMAKE A RESERVATION: We encourage reservations. Please call ahead or reserve online and get on the list. If you just stop by, we will seat you if we have a table available or we will get you on the list and send you a text when your table is ready. We’ll treat you to a relaxing, indulgent time with us. With our very limited seating, we kindly ask you to pace your time dining to an hour and a half.

TOUCHLESS PAYMENTS: We have touchless payment options. We would prefer not to take cash, but if that’s all you’ve got, we will accept it!

Social distancingSOCIAL DISTANCING: Your table will be socially distanced and spaced from the next table. We are working off of reservations and seating maximum party sizes as designated by state guidelines. If your family or group is larger than that, let’s discuss! Please don’t congregate at the host stand or the bar for any reason.

We work cleanWE WORK CLEAN: You will notice that we are cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing all contact surfaces.

RestroomsRESTROOMS: Please wear your mask when walking through the dining room. We will have restroom monitors cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing frequently.

Team serviceTEAM SERVICE: We work as a team and support each others’ efforts to provide you with an amazing experience. We share your generous gratuities with our cooks and kitchen crew and we promise to do everything we can to ensure you are safe. Following these guidelines will ensure that we stay safe.